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Sales Occupations

A sales occupation can be a good career choice for students with varying interests, since just about every product needs someone to take it from producer to buyer. Not all sales occupations are high paying, but the table below reflects a number of sales occupations in which workers earn higher than the national media ($16.27/hour). Read more about sales occupations in the Occupational Handbook.

 Industry       2010 Utah Statewide Employment
 Annual Openings Numeric 2010-2020
 Annual Growth-Percent 2010-2020
 Utah Median Hourly Wage
 Education level for Entry
 Wholesale & Mfg. Sales
 14,220 640 2.1% $23.70 High School
 Tech. & Scientific Prod. Sales Reps.
 5,380 250 2.3% $31.10Bachelor's
 Insurance Sales Agents
 3,800 210 3.2% $28.30 High School
 Financial Services Sales Agents    
 2,920 170 3.0%
Real Estate Agents
 5,240 260 2.6% $17.50 High School
 Advertising Sales Agents
 1,340 60 1.7% $2160 High School
Source: CTE Directions Newsletter March 2013