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How to Get Summer Jobs

A summer job is the ideal opportunity to apply the technical skills you've been learning through Career and Technical Education, but also a time to learn those critical "soft skills" that you probably have heard about. Here are six tips to get you started:

1. Check with your school counselor or career coordinator for job search assistance--like resume writing help, letters of reference, and even local job listings.

2. Tell everyone you know that you're looking for a summer  job! Tell all of your friends and their parents, and have your parents tell their friends. This is called "networking." If you are specific (and honest) about the kind of job you're looking for and the skills you have to offer, people will be encouraged  to promote you with potential employers.

3. Be easy to find. Those who support you need to be able to contact you in at least a couple of ways: phone, email, social media. Keep in touch with your network.

4. In addition to looking at job listings online and in newspapers, start walking! Looking around as you walk through your neighborhood, the mall, sports arenas, parks, and restaurants. Submit an application in person, if you can.

5. Whether you have a formal interview or just a conversation with a person hiring, make sure you appear neat and clean and are ready with clear and concise answers about why you'll make a good employee.

Say thank you. Say it to everyone who is helping you look for a job, and be sure to put it in writing after a job interview.

One last tip: if you don't find a paying job, consider an unpaid internship or volunteer position, especially if you can't find something related to your career interests. Paid or unpaid, working gives you an edge today and in the future.

Source:CTE Directions Newsletter April 2013